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Beef Taco Salad: Thursday, Friday, &#...

Beef Taco Salad: Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 11/5- 11/7

Beef  Taco Salad  $12.00                                          A large deep-fried Tortilla shell filled with Lettuce Mix, Sweet Onions, and Tomatoes topped with Taco Seasoned Angus Beef, Mexican blend cheese, fresh House Made Salsa and Sour Cream. Served with a Spicy Ranch dressing on the side.   

Rosemary Chic & Pasta

Rosemary Chic & Pasta

Rosemary Chicken & Angel Hair Pasta  $15.00 Chicken breast fillet sauteed with Fresh Rosemary, Roasted Red Peppers, Fresh Mushrooms, Sweet Onions, & garlic. Finished with a Chicken Volute’ Sauce and Asiago Cheese with Angel Hair Pasta. Served salad & dinner roll.

Meatball Hoagie – Dinner Specia...

Meatball Hoagie – Dinner Special

Dinner Special: Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday 10/28 – 10/30              Meatball Hoagie  $11.50                                                                                       6 oz. of Meatballs in Marinara sauce in a bakery fresh hoagie bun. Then topped with Parmesan and Mozzarella cheeses and baked for […]

Chicken, Bacon, Gouda Sandwich –...

Chicken, Bacon, Gouda Sandwich – Dinner Special Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturday 9/9, 9/10, & 9/12

Dinner Special Wednesday, Thursday, & Saturday 9/9, 9/10, & 9/12 Chicken, Bacon, & Gouda Platter.  $12.50                                                      Grilled chicken breast fillet topped with thick cut Apple Wood smoked bacon and melted Gouda Cheese and served on a toasted Kaiser bun (lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, on request). Served with seasoned fries and freshly made Coleslaw.

Shrimp Basket

Shrimp Basket

Shrimp Basket  $11.99  Extra large deep fried shrimp (5), seasoned fries, house made Hush Puppies, and coleslaw. Served with your choice of Tartar or cocktail sauce.

Dinner Special: Wednesday, 8/19

Dinner Special: Wednesday, 8/19

Grilled Beer Brat Sandwich  $8.99              Bratwurst boiled in beer and finished on the grill. Served with seasoned fries, spicy brown mustard, and beer slaw (slaw mix tossed in a beer and Dijon mustard dressing). Fried onions on request.

Dinner Special: Wednesday 7/15 &...

Dinner Special: Wednesday 7/15 & Sunday 7/19

Shrimp Scampi over Angel Hair pasta  $14.99                                                                            Extra Large shrimp sauteed in a garlic butter sauce. Served with salad and garlic knot roll and butter.

Dinner Special: Thursday, Friday, �...

Dinner Special: Thursday, Friday, & Saturday 7/16 – 7/18

Chicken, Bacon, & Blue Cheese  Club Platter  $11.50                                                        Grilled Chicken Breast fillet topped with Applewood smoked bacon and crumbled Blue Cheese on a toasted Pretzel bun with lettuce. […]

Elwood’s Pub 5th Annual “...

Elwood’s Pub 5th Annual “HoliDave”

Come on out and join the “Daves” at Elwood’s.  Ain’t much happening between New Year’s Eve and the Super Bowl so the Daves got their heads together and decided to celebrate everything “Dave”.  So stop in after 2:00pm and become Dave for the day!  Brewery related giveaways, drink specials, good food, and of course “Daves” […]



Join us on the lawn behind Elwood’s Pub for our  fifth annual “Save Second Base” Breast Cancer Benefit. Music all day with the finest local musical acts! Great local Craft Beer, games, giveaways, good food, and the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Proceeds benefit the Allegheny Valley Hospital Cancer Center. Come on out and have […]